Horse Arena Implements

"ET Easy Tow" Drags

Arena Blad TechnologyTM offers a completely different approach to aerating your arena surface.

The "ET Easy Tow" is an arena grooming implement designed to be towed by an ATV, small tractor or 4X4. It's unique design allows for full adjustment to keep correct angles no matter what the tow ball height.

The rugged construction of the "ET Easy Tow" means that it can handle many different applications that other arena grooming tools could never hope to perform. With interchangeability the key to this versatile implement you are able to perform a variety of tasks around the property or groom a variety of arena surfaces.

The "ET Easy Tow" comes with either manual or electric lift mechanisms making transporting your "ET Easy Tow" a breeze. The electric lift opens up many possibilities for levelling materials such as sand, soil, gravel or crusher dust in arenas, landscaping jobs or construction sites.

The "ET Easy Tow" is available in; 1.5 metre, 1.8 metre & 2.4 metre

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"TPL" - Three Point Linkage Drags

The TPL is a three point linkage arena grooming tool that uses Arena Blade TechnologyTM to aerate the surface material of your arena.

The cutting blade at the front of the tool levels the ground in front of the weight bearing wheels ensuring that the TPL rides on a level surface creating a stable platform for the Arena Blade to work the surface to the depth set by you. The adjustable comb follows along behind grooming and slightly compacting the surface evenly.

The advantages of the TPL over other arena grooming tool are many and include being able to maintain a level arena surface and the unique feeling of an arena worked with arena blade technology. Arena Grooming tools that sit on the surface of your arena will dig out low spots making your arena uneven and wavy.

By combining weight bearing wheels that stabilise the arena grooming tool and a levelling blade in front of these wheels to ensure  a flat working surface the Arena Pro TPL if set up correctly will eliminate waves and tracks in your arena keeping it consistent every time you work on it.

The "TPL" is available in; 1.8 metre & 2.4 metre

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The Thomas "3M Drafter"

Ideal for large, outdoor arenas and campdraft arenas. The "3M Drafter" is suitable for tractors 50HP and above.

Features include:
Attachment to the tractor via 3 point linkage
3 metre wide levelling bar.

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Top of the Range Drag

The Thomas Arena "Top of the Range" drag is for large indoor arenas.

Used and highly recommended by Queensland State Equestrian Centre.

Thomas Arena Products "Top of the Range" drag currently maintains QSEC arena which holds multiple equestrian discipline events annually. From rodeo to reining to dressage and show jumping. Guaranteed to provide even footing every time. It is 3 metres wide and can be towed using a 75HP tractor or larger.

Features include:
Dual wheels - hydraulic raise and lower
Hydraulic raise and lower of levelling blade
Adjustable tyres
1000 litre water tank and spray system
PTO driven water pump
Adjustable levelling bar

Available in 3 metres

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Tow Water Tank 1000 Litre

The amount of water in your footing is critical to its strength, cushion and rebound, not to mention dust control.

Being able to control the volume of water applied to the footing from the seat of your tractor is critical to getting an even distribution.

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ET Ezi Tow "Ripper Teeth"

Ripper teeth add versatility to your drag. Use them to break up hard packed surfaces, prepare seed beds or for repairing wash outs in gravel driveways or car parks.

The "Edger"

The Edger attachment assists with removal of the sand that accumulates against the sides of the arena. The wheel helps stop the edger from catching on sleepers or edging boards taking the worry out of getting close to the sides of your arena.

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